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Ronnae 'Mash Belore Ryllos

From lazy freedom lover to .... wait nothing changed.

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Name:Ronnae 'Mash Belore Ryllos
Birthdate:Sep 20
Eye Color: Teal Height: 5'2" Weight: 165

Ronnae is about mid size, a good short end of the 5 foot mark. She usually wears a cap, hood, hat but you can generally still see her long silky ponytails, the lush red silken strands reaching her mid back. She resembles an orc but upon further inspection you notice she is a half breed.

Her ears and softer features give you the idea of her being half elf. She is very casual and relaxed usually found lounging around or taking a nap wherever she feels comfortable at. Her body type is soft, with the distinguishable orcish curves that frame her body. Hardly ever working, she uses very relaxed clothing, unless training, which in turn doesn't happen often.

She has bright teal colored eyes and full lips, and her skin tone is a light green hue. He ears are sharper than a normal orcs and adorned by two golden hoops at the tip on each. She wears a ring on her middle right finger with a house crest.

Her demeanor is very nonchalant, often regarding everything with a lazy nod, or a friendly smile. Although relaxed, Ronnae has self-image issues due to her family members. They are all great heroes of Azeroth, and fought in many of the wars, while she had a pleasant childhood stashed away from the horrors of war. Unless in the presence of friends, she is generally well guarded about letting people near her, otherwise she’s straightforward, sharp and very stubborn.

Ronnae ‘Mash Belore Ryllos was born in a pocket dimension held in place by her grandfather Grand Master Marcus Raithos Oliviera. This was his home, a rift in dimensions, between dimensions where he kept his loved ones safe. She grew here away from the then state of affairs in Azeroth, getting schooling and training as she grew. She was generally lazy for just about anything, yet her fascination for reading, sleeping and breaking things apart and putting them back together kept her mind sharp. When she reached her 12th year, her parents; Ambassador Maderas Aeir’nath Ryllos and Master Assassin Drakkaa ‘Crimson Rose’ Oliviera, moved into a magically enhanced room in the Sunfury Spire of Silvermoon; taking with them, their children.

While in Silvermoon, she joined the trade school with a few of her family members. During this time her attraction to Engineering was in full blast. She excelled in mechgineering and magitech, being one of the few in the school to get paid sponsorship from the city to further her studies in alliance lands as well. Her days in school were bittersweet, while the times she was with her siblings having a meal or a friendly chat or when she was nose deep in grease, cogs, sprockets and such was a pleasant moment she relished. Her majority of the time was spent ignoring, or running away from the ridicule her ‘pure race’ peers put her through. You see half-breeds were shunned, especially those of elven descent.

Many times her siblings had to come to her rescue from bullying and heartbreak, other times however they had to save her from more serious matters. Even for a half breed she was very pretty; most figured it was due to her elven heritage. Her body was well developed and as much as she tried to hide her figure behind baggy relaxed clothing, those who hungered for innocence could see right through. Many times was she embarrassed or harassed or molested in school grounds, and as much as her siblings saved her, she always begged them to keep it from her parents. Punishment never came to the assailants, either from bribing the system, or the system plainly not caring for half breed trash. All this accounted for her mistrusting and guarded nature around those she did not know.

Eventually graduating with overachieving excellence in her engineering and mining degree, with excellence and specialization in Mechgineering and Magitech, Ronnae went to try and do her part for Azeroth, just as her other siblings and family members had been doing for far longer. Although her skills as a warrior were reckless, unrefined and unpredictable, her resolve and stubbornness allowed her to climb the training ladder fairly quickly. Mix in her incredible skill at Engineering and it was no surprise to those who knew her that she reached her training pinnacle at incredible speed.

During the Northrend Expedition, Ronnae found herself in many deadly situations; however she somehow always managed to pull through, heavily injured but still standing. She eventually joined her mothers Regime, The House of the Rising Sun, and took the fight to the Lich King himself. By this point in the war, Ronnae had managed to acquire all the necessary items and done all the necessary tasks to forge a powerful legendary weapon to use against the might of the Scourge, a weapon forged under their very roof, Shadowmourne. After a campaign of many months, deaths and countless restless moments; the tyrant finally fell at the culmination of one of the greatest battles in all Azerothian history. Even wielding the legendary Shadowmourne and it’s counterparts by a few other comrades the fight was very hard, making the sweet reward that much greater. Ronnae and surely all of Azeroth had finally accomplished peace, even if it were to be temporary, at this moment they had it.

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